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Hangboard/fingerboard fait maison

927 octets ajoutés, 23 septembre
Update 7: I came to see the precious plastic's events in passing
I came to see what was happening at plateforme C last weekend. I enjoyed learning and watching how a sadly normal face mask could or a plastic milk bottle could be melted down and put in a mold. What we get from it can be put in the CNC and after the only limit is your imagiation (almost). I will post some pictures when fablabo will be fixed (hopefully soon). BTW (by the way) I have seen a wheel to inject plastic inside a mold made out of laser cutted wood parts fited together and then glued.
===Update 8: Finally a sucessfull print ===
(written on the 02/09/2021 and translated on the 23/09/2021)
I came just after the start of my school year for the reopening of plateform C after the summer hollidays. I prepared my Gcode, after I had to use Slic3r rather than the octoprint server because it wasn't working. I choosed to put a lot of supports and a big raft on my print, so the printing time was massive, 3 hours and 11 minutes. It finished at 21:11 PM, I finally got my chicken arms. I will have to learn how to choose the right amoht of support to shortern the print time, because even though it was a sucess it, the rinting time, usage of material are to high on this try.
===Update 9: vinyle cutter and sanding of the 3d print part ===
(written on the 09/09/2021 and translated on the XX/XX/XXXX)
===Update 10: première découpe laser ===
(written on the 16/09/2021 and translated on the XX/XX/XXXX)
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