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Hangboard/fingerboard fait maison

1 033 octets ajoutés, 9 mars 2021 à 19:25
Update 4: epoxy + laser cutting into layers
===Update 5 : un pas en avant, deux pas en arrière ===
(écrit le 09/03/2021 et traduit le XX/XX/XXXX)
With the manufacturer's info and photos I started 3D modeling on Fusion 360 (eurk, I know, but I'm familiar with it because my school trained me on it, but then I'll have to change my habits to blender but I don't have the courage to do it at the moment). I got a pretty bad result, let's say it's a failure (no photo will be published, I'm ashamed of it so much it is far from the expected result), the problem was that I could not reproduce precisely the curves of the model (if it was a decorative object or an object that I should not take in hand, no problem, but the whole point of a hangboard is based on the angles and the depth of its curves to be able to slide there one hand. So I looked to find a ready-made design. And there miraculously, I found two with one that even had brief printing instructions on the following website:
[[Fichier: Yeggi.png|vignette]]

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